About Saliva Testing

Saliva is a mirror of the body’s health and well being. In fact, most of the bio-molecules found in blood and urine can also be found in saliva. Also, given that saliva collection is simple, non-invasive and with minimal risk of disease transfer, it helps explain why at FLUIDS iQ®, we consider saliva to be the blood of the 21st century™.


Saliva can be obtained, with ease, by non-invasive techniques. The analytes found in saliva include hormones, whose levels in saliva parallel traditional patterns found in blood. Multiple specimens for steroid hormone analysis can be easily collected at home, simply by spitting into a tube. Saliva tests can be used to monitor fertility cycles, menopausal fluctuations, stress and other diurnal variations.


All About Saliva...The Blood of the 21st Century

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