FLUIDS iQ® is proud to be Canada’s Wellness Laboratory™. We specialize in convenient, non-invasive tests for hormones and intestinal wellness focused on Permeability, Inflammation and Food Sensitivities that we call, Intestinal iQ.


We are committed to offering tests at competitive prices, in our state-of-the-art laboratory (ISO 15189:2012 Accredited*), with quick turnaround times for results. But most importantly, our aim is to provide first class customer service and to build a relationship with you as partners in promoting good health and wellness.


How are tests purchased?

Patients purchase FLUIDS iQ® testing services through their health care professional.



Notification of FLUIDS iQ® test results are sent directly to the health care professional.


Proudly Canadian

FLUIDS iQ® brings a cheaper, more convenient alternative to sending your tests to the United States, with quicker turnaround time and most importantly... customer care, lab reports and appointments with consultants in both English AND French.

Proud to work with our friends in the United States

At the same time, FLUIDS iQ® is also proud to work with health care professionals in the United States, offering a convenient and very cost effective alternative for hormonal and intestinal wellness testing.


We look forward to serving you!



*FiQ Lab Services Corp., accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for the scope of accreditation found at www.scc.ca