Diamine Oxidase / Histamine

The FLUIDS iQ® Diamine Oxidase/Histamine test is a key component in our triad of Intestinal iQ™ tests. It is used as a measure of intestinal inflammation.


Inflammation of the intestine (“the gut”) takes many forms, from mild transient problems to chronic inflammatory diseases. Histamine, an organic compound, is involved in many types of allergic and inflammatory processes and helps regulate gut function. Diamine Oxidase (DAO) is the body’s primary enzyme for breaking down histamine and a natural defense against histamine excess. Histamine imbalances in the body may cause a variety of adverse effects ranging from life-threatening allergic reactions to localized itching, runny nose or hives.


Histamine excess may be a result of its release from storage in the body, insufficient breakdown due to a DAO deficiency, or due to the intake of foods rich in histamine-creating substances, such as alcohol, chocolate, pickled foods, as well as certain fish and seafood. Testing histamine and DAO levels provides important information that standard food sensitivity tests may not reveal. In fact, many clinicians often suspect food sensitivities when the culprit may actually be ‘histamine intolerance’.


Sample FLUIDS iQ® Diamine Oxidase / Histamine test report (optimized for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari)