About Us

FLUIDS iQ® is a Canadian company created to meet a growing trend in the field of wellness: The use of the body’s fluids, specifically saliva, as a non-invasive, cost-effective means of sample collection.


As Canada's Wellness Laboratory™ (ISO 15189:2012 accredited*), we are proud to offer testing services aimed at promoting wellness and improving overall health in our state of the art facility, using the latest technologies.


FLUIDS iQ® is at the forefront of saliva testing, in both humans and animals. Saliva testing is a rapidly growing field, due mostly to its cost effectiveness, simple means of sample collection, non-invasive nature and minimal risk of disease transfer.  Moreover, since most of the bio-molecules found in blood and urine can also be found in saliva, this helps explain why at FLUIDS iQ® we consider saliva to be the blood of the 21st century™. Our suite of hormone tests use saliva as the means of sample collection. Our non-saliva tests include North America's first commercially available dried blood spot test for Zonulin, a key marker in highlighting increased intestinal permeability, otherwise known as "Leaky Gut." We are proud to provide service, including results and consulting, for all of our tests in both English and French.

In the realm of saliva testing for animals, FLUIDS iQ®'s flagship product is the Pet Perio® test: The world’s first DNA saliva test for periodontal disease in animals; dogs and cats in particular. Using the most modern technologies and through objective risk assessment and sound biological evidence, the Pet Perio® test facilitates and improves the treatment of oral diseases, leading to a healthier, happier pet with prolonged life. In the future, FLUIDS iQ® will offer DNA saliva tests for other diseases in animals, as well.


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*FiQ Lab Services Corp., accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for the scope of accreditation found at www.scc.ca