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Welcome to FLUIDS iQ®, Canada's Wellness Laboratory™ (ISO 15189:2012 Accredited*).


We believe that a remarkable change is taking place in the field of wellness testing. Specifically, that the body's fluids, namely saliva, can be used as a cost-effective, pain-free, alternative to traditional methods of sample collection and will soon become the blood of the 21st century™.


Our mission is to promote wellness and better health, both in humans and in animals. We do this by offering a wide range of state-of-the-art testing services with a focus on quality, precision, competitive pricing and, most importantly, service. 


Welcome to wellness. Welcome to FLUIDS iQ®.


*FiQ Lab Services Corp., accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for the scope of accreditation found at www.scc.ca

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Intestinal iQ™


Introducing Intestinal iQ™, featuring our easy to use triad of intestinal tests including Zonulin, DAO\Histamine and Food Sensitivities.

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Discover FLUIDS iQ's easy to use, non invasive test for intestinal permeability ("Leaky Gut"), the Zonulin test.

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Hormones that are well balanced contribute to overall wellness and good health. Learn more about our full suite of saliva hormone tests.

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Tests for Animals


Gum disease can be considered « the silent killer ». Learn how our revolutionary Pet Perio® DNA saliva test can fight this disease and lead to longer life for animals.

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